Publishing in Human-Animal Studies

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

Read the journals in your field and pick the one most closely aligned with what you do:


Full list here.

Read the submission policies and follow the formatting of articles published exactly.

Reviewers and editors are looking for articles that are original, that further the field, etc. Society and Animals asks our reviewers to consider the following:

1. What specifically demonstrates that the article is engaged with the relevant literature?
2. What exactly is original about the submission?
3. Does the work have a high impact on the field or Does this work advance our knowledge and understanding of the relationships between humans and other animals (virtual or real)?
4. Is the work methodologically sound? Are the methods articulated clearly, or plainly and understandably implicit?
5. Do the results support the conclusions?
6. Is the justification for the project clear?
7. Is the problem or issue concisely stated?
8. Are the methods, if listed, adequately and clearly described?
9. Is the literature citation current and adequate?
10. Is the language acceptable? Are there too many errors to make the argument easy to follow?


Note: If you go with an academic press, you don’t need an agent.

imageStart with a proposal. For an unpublished writer, you may get away with submitting a proposal and two chapters. The proposal will then be sent to publishers who are most likely to publish it.

Publishers in our field:
Arissa Media Group, Critical Animal Studies/Animal Liberation Book Series
Ashgate, Multispecies Encounters Series
Berghahn Books, Interspecies Encounters Series
Brill Critical Animal Studies Book Series
Brill, Human-Animal Studies Series
Columbia University Press, Critical Perspectives on Animals Series
Duke University Press
Johns Hopkins University Press, Animals, History, Culture Series
Lantern Press
Lexington Critical Animal Studies and Theory Book Series
Michigan State University Press, Animal Turn Series
MIT Press
Palgrave Macmillan, Animal Ethics Series
Palgrave, Studies in Animals and Literature Series
Penn State, Animalbus: Of Animals and Cultures Series
Purdue, New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond Series
Reaktion Books, Animal Series
Routledge, Human-Animal Studies Series
Routledge, Perspectives on the Non-Human in Literature and Culture Series
State University of New York Press
Sydney University Press, Animal Publics Series
Temple University Press, Animals, Culture and Society Series
University of Chicago Press, Animal Lives Series
University of Georgia Press, Animal Voices/Animal Worlds Series
University of Illinois Press, Animal Rights Series
University of Minnesota Press, Post Humanities Series
University of Virginia Press

Edited Books

Write a simple call for submissions.

Once you have gotten your submissions, put your outline and proposal together and shop your book around as above.


Rejection is part of the process, and you must get used to it!