Summer 2018

In the summer, we got to enjoy the first fruits of our labor, and Tom built a picket fence at the back of the garden. I also did some painting, for better or for worse.

Getting ready to build the fence

Tom working on the fence while the wildflowers are still coming up

Look how talented my husband is

Almost done!

Baby clematises growing on the new gate

Wildflowers are getting bigger!

See how many weeds are in the new lawn?

I decided to paint the ugly shed. It’s still ugly but now it’s a Colorful Ugly Shed

The first blooms!

Veggies are growing

A view of the Shade Garden, Ugly But Colorful Shed, and the dogwood

The plants are starting to fill in a bit

The clematises are blooming!

Look at that single precious poppy

Wildflowers are blooming! And yes that’s me taking a picture with my iPad like a boomer

The tomato plants are monstrous. We’ve never successfully grown tomatoes before so this seems like magic. In other news, basil does not do well here.

The old Hellscape is looking much less hellish now. And yes, that is Deanie pooing in the path

So pretty!

Black Eyed Susan vine is doing its thing

A view from the back of the house

We got volunteer sunflowers from the bird feeder

We put in some pavers at the end of the Hellscape for a little side patio. I also put down wild thyme seeds between the pavers but they did not take

The eco-lawn is starting to look like it’s supposed to look. The dogs adore the way the grass rises and falls in waves

Nixie, Jerry, Pooka and Willie on the lawn. The bad news about this kind of grass is the way that the dog poops get hidden in the waves

A view from above

Cocktail time!

I decided to paint the ugly oil tank. Now it’s a Colorful But Ugly Oil Tank

Another view of The Colorful But Ugly Oil Tank

Our first cut flowers!

You can find Year 2 here

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