Mid-Summer 2019

This summer, after getting over the shock of losing so many plants in the spring, we still had a pretty good show in the garden. We had lots of blooms, and the plants from 2018 were noticeably bigger this year.

After loving our wildflowers last year, I added more annual seeds to the plot and expected last year’s perennial wildflowers to finally bloom. Unfortunately, I did not account for the fact that, along with last year’s perennials, and this year’s annuals, we would also be in for a bumper crop of weeds. So this year’s wildflowers, while pretty, we’re not nearly as spectacular as last year’s thanks to the weeds.

I also cleared out the small, very shady area at the very far end of the Hellscape, and put down wildflower seeds for shade there. While I got a few flowers, part of the space gets no sun at all, so even the shady wildflowers didn’t do that well.

At the end of this summer, Tom built a deck next to the fern garden, completing the hardscape.

This is what the garden looked like in the summer of 2019.

The Hellscape is certainly looking a lot less hellish. The agastaches were lovely but sadly never returned. But the sweet woodruff and the goatsbeard are keepers.

I love the cornflowers, alliums and artemisia here

The Cecile Brunner is blooming and climbing like crazy while Jerry has never looked sharper

The snow hill salvia is a nice backdrop to the bench

I’m not sure what that tall yellow wildflower is

Apparently tomatoes do really well in Oregon!

Early summer in the wildflowers

View from the house

This is one of the roses that we inherited. I can’t figure out what kind it is, nor when it blooms, because in the three years that we have lived here, we have not gotten a single rose. Yes, that’s my thumb

Another view into what was once the most terrible part of the yard

The lovely Ms. Brunner!

A nice view of the Jupiter’s beard, the rose that makes no roses, the lambs ears, and the lupines. We started with three lupines, but come spring 2020, we are down to two

Closeup of the wildflower/weed garden

Another view of the Jupiter’s beard and lupines

On the left is a big clump of Gooseneck loosestrife, which has since spread well into the shade garden, and next to that, spiderwort. These might be the two best plant names in the garden.

Closeup of the shade garden, with creeping Jenny, ferns, columbines, penstemons, and tufted hair grass

Perennial herb garden

The shade garden from above

Salmonberry, lamb’s ears, catmint, peony and salvia

The “upper deck”

We put up an arbor for one of the roses to climb on

Closeup of the roses near the arbor

Tom is building a deck!


Another view!

The new deck!

My professional (lol) paint job, with Tom’s new deck in the background

These guaras are among my favorite plants in the yard

Wallflowers in front

The view from the back

And from the deck

At the height of summer

Late summer in the shade

Late summer in the wildflowers

Who knew that lambs ears made these spiky flowers? I did not.

Find Year Three here!


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